Who we are?

Adapta Lab is a composed by a group of researchers from IRTIC Institute at the University of Valencia (SPAIN).

The main aim of this Lab is to invent, develop and experimentally test technological solutions created for improving communication, education and quality of life of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and/or intellectual disabilities. Products already developed by Adapta Lab currently have more than 100.000 users worldwide.

Regular collaborators of Adapta Lab are Gerardo Herrera, Patricia Pérez-Fuster, Javier Sevilla, Marcos Fernández, Lucía Vera, Sergio Casas, all of them members of ARTEC Group at IRTIC (University of Valencia).

Skills of members of Adapta Lab are related to computer science (including 3D graphics, virtual/augmented reality, web semantics and technology integration), psychology (including developmental psychology, research methodology, autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disability) and education (including autism-specific supports and methods).

All the projects developed by Adapta Lab count on the close collaboration of organisations directly working with children or adults with autism or intellectual disability. This includes schools, parent societies, regional governments and other Universities all around the world that are the main sources of knowledge for Adapta Lab.

Adapta Lab is sustained with public/private funds and receives the support of Adapta Foundation, a national non-profit organisation in Spain.

IRTIC - Universitat de Valencia


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